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Understanding 5 Day Money Back Guarantee

At ManocarsNxt, we want you to be completely confident and satisfied with the purchase of your car. That is why, in case you have any second thoughts regarding your ManocarsNxt Assured car purchase, you can return it no-questions-asked for a 100% refund with our 5-Day Money Back Guarantee.

In order for your purchased ManocarsNxt Assured car to be eligible under the 5-Day Money Back Guarantee, the fair usage policy requires the below listed conditions to hold true at the time of placing a return request:
Mano Cars NXT

  • A return request must be placed within the first 5 days from the date of delivery of the car. Kindly note that during this period, the car must not have run more than 300 KMs in order to be eligible under the 5-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • No external maintenance, repair, scratches/dents and/or parts replacement work must have been done during the validity period of the money back guarantee.

If your purchased ManocarsNxt Assured car meets the listed eligibility conditions, you can avail a 100% refund for your car under our 5-Day Money Back Guarantee by visiting your nearest ManocarsNxt Car Hub or requesting a home pick-up by calling us on our after sales support helpline number 7540000100 or writing to us at

Money-back Guarantee

  • Money-back Guarantee is a unique proposition given to Buyers who are buying vehicles through MANOCARSNXT.
  • MANOCARSNXT offers to purchase any vehicle purchased by availing MANOCARSNXT Services ("Money-back Offer") within 14 days from the date of purchase by the Buyer.
  • Buyer will be paid 90% of the agreed sale price as agreed in the Buyer Transaction Form.
  • Applicable only on vehicles with the "Money-back Guarantee" tag.
  • In order to avail the Money-back Offer, the Buyer will have to coordinate with MANOCARSNXT representative and drive it to the city’s parking yard as suggested by the representative.
  • The vehicle should not have travelled beyond 1000 km from the date of delivery.
  • All original documents must be handed over back to the MANOCARSNXT representative.
  • Original RC (If not provided, Rs. 5000/- will be additionally deducted).
  • RTO documents with seller signatures.
  • Bank NOC + Form 35 (In case the vehicle purchased has an active loan).
  • Clearance Certificate from RTO stating no ownership transfer has been processed and no active challans.
  • Proofs of payment which had been made to seller/MANOCARSNXT at the time of purchase.
  • Money-back Offer to be processed if the agreed sales price is as per the fair market value assessed by MANOCARSNXT Team.
  • The vehicle can be eligible for the Money-back Offer if there are no changes found in comparison to the inspection report at the time of sale. The re-inspection will happen at the place agreed by the MANOCARSNXT team and the report will be shown for transparency.
  • Service Charge, Warranty, Insurance charges will be non-refundable.
  • Payment will be processed after adherence to all the above-mentioned Terms & Conditions.
  • Payment will be processed within 7 working days from the accepted date of the Money-back Offer.